has a wide area of services to meet all your needs.
Training is usually conducted on a "one on one" basis, at your home or business.
A full range of services are available at We also provide onsite servicing at your location. Including any or all of the following services:
Hardware      Upgrades, Repairs, Diagnostics, Reports.
Backup         All Data, Documents, Internet/Email; Plus Restore. (Provided the hard drive is not physically damaged.)
Clean           System Cleanup, Virus/Malware Removal, Registry Cleanup.
Repair          All Faults, Installations And Removals, Updates, Optimize.
Networking    Network Diagnosis, Installation, Mapping, Internet Access.
Business       New Business Computer Layout Planning, Mapping, Reports.
Server          Full Installations, Managing, Backups, New Users.
Internet        Dial-Up & ADSL Access.
Please dont hesitate to contact our friendly staff, who will explain our services in greater detail